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I have a great passion for everything that flies.

One of my greatest dreams was to learn to fly myself. Because of the huge costs and my not too perfect sight, I had to limit myself to learn how fly a sailplane.
I never got the license for flying 'solo', but it satisfied at least the yearn to fly.

My father and several uncles had actually experienced WW2, most of them in active duty.

One of my uncles had been a (night) reconnaissance pilot for the Regia Aeronautica and many of his stories about the fine aircrafts of that period were my favorite childhood stories.

The interest for the WW2 aircrafts never left me since and once computers became sufficiently powerful, it became also possible to engage the enemy on the virtual skies. Making a list of all the flight simulators and games I have would be a long and rather tedious affair.


Since its first publication in 2001, I have played this game and have followed all its evolutions, updates, beta's and so on up to the latest one.

However, it was only a couple of years ago that I started to make offline Campaigns for this WW2 simulator and with that, I took the natural step to create my own 'skins' for the aircrafts I was using.

I'm not a 'master skinner', but I have by now reached a skill level that can be called acceptable. Nevertheless, there's always space for improving.

I create almost invariably all the player's aircrafts used in my campaigns, and some of the AI ones as well, both historical and non-historical.

Quite a few of my skins have been used by other gamers of the Mission4Today© community.

What's on this Website

Besides A/C skinning, I'm interested in web design, photography, music, architecture and quite a few other things, for all of which I have a Website, have planned to build one or have it still at the "work-in-progress" stage since a year or two.

Since all my work is stored already on the Mission4Today Website, there was not much point in making all those megabytes of files available at yet another location.

I decided to have this pages as a kind of "online archive" for what you then can download from the Mission4Today website.

On the other hand, I also wanted a place where I could show (off) my work by means of in-game screenshots.

Well, this is it...

I have, like every one else, my personal preferences about aircrafts, theatres and Air Forces, so the menu will not show all the Air Forces featured by IL2/1946 or all aircrafts that are feauterd in the simulation.

For each of the Air Forces The "Gallery" link (if present) will guide you to a slide-show of the available skins for that particular A/C, while the "Downloads" link will allow you to choose which set of skins to download.

Aircrafts marked with
[H] are "hacks", meaning that IL2-1946 did not have the model as a flyable A/C. Therefore another A/C resembling the one mentioned was used instead.

Aircrafts marked with
[M] are MODs, meaning that the specific A/C is present as flyable A/C only when the MOD-ed version of the game is installed.

The improper use of a MOD can render your original IL2-1946 game unfunctional.
Use MODs only on a copy of the original game.
The Author cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by MODs.

The link will re-direct you to the appropriate page on the Mission4Today website, where the physical package (.zip archive) can be downloaded.

Mission4Today does not allow anonymous users to download files. In order to be able to do so, you will need to be logged in on M4T
before you request the file via a link on my Site.

You can visit the Mission4Today © Web Site by clicking on the banner below.

Materials on this website may bear political markings
These are for historical purposes only and do not represent the political beliefs of the Author

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